Incentives Grants

The Commission for Adult Learners established the Incentive Grant program to support new, improved, and innovative programs or services directed toward the recruitment and retention of adult learners. The Incentive Grant program is promoted University-wide to faculty, staff, and adult student organizations that are eligible to submit proposals. Those who submit proposals are encouraged to collaborate with other units and staff.

The ultimate intent is for grant-funded programs and services to become an integral part of a campus’s programming and services offered to adult learners. In 2007–2008, in an effort to leverage more substantive proposals that will impact significantly the recruitment and retention of adult learners, the Commission increased the grant maximum to $2,000. The campus or unit must match $1 for every $2 in grant awarded.

The Commission is proud of the innovative programs and services, collaborative relationships, and improved campus environments for adult learners that have resulted from the Incentive Grant initiative. Since the 1999–2000 academic year, seventy-seven grant proposals from eighteen Penn State campuses have been funded, and more than 9,000 adult learners, faculty, and staff have benefited.