Shirley Hendrick Award Recipient

2013 Shirley Hendrick Award Recipient Leslie A. Laing with Penn State Vice President Rodney Erickson

2013 Recipient

Leslie A. Laing

Assistant Director Adult Learner Programs & Services in Student Affairs, Penn State University Park

Leslie Laing arrived at the University in 2006 and was tasked with serving special populations at University Park. She has expanded this role by becoming a one-stop shop for current adult learners and student veterans. She meets with students individually; attending to their specific issues and concerns, as well as communicates regularly through her list serve of more than 1700 students. Laing has created and hosted workshops to engage and inform adult learners, held forums for student veterans, and serves as an advisor to the ALPS (Adult Learners at Penn State) student organization. Additionally, Ms. Laing is a fundraiser for the Adult Learner Opportunity Fund she founded to assist adult learners interested in participating in education abroad or major-related internships. She hosts the UP Outstanding Adult Student Award Reception annually and actively engages students during Nontraditional Student Recognition Week at Penn State. Among her noteworthy programs is an interactive alcohol education simulation event, as well as a CNED 304 Counseling Ed Course for the training and recruitment of peer mentors for a crisis intervention program and hotline.

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